Arnold Byun

With two years of experience within the hospitality industry, specifically an endearing passion for restaurants, I created a food blog and a restaurant-catered web design agency. Possessing an ambitious entrepreneurial mindset, I’ve successfully found and operated a business club and a nonprofit chapter with twenty-five members each.


Marketing & Public Relations Director, May 2014 - present 

Collaborated with brands such as Sweetgreen, Num Pang, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and Morimoto and organized on-campus events as well as enhancing sales for restaurants by helping with student outreach. Recorded 60,000 page views per month along with 1,000 Facebook likes and 1,200 Instagram followers (and counting).


Marketing & Sales Director, April 2014 - present 

Rebranded the 8 year-old student-ran organization by creating a new corporate identity, which included a new logo design, website design and social media presence. Enhanced club awareness and recruited 300 students during the annual club fair. Advertisements including new branding drove an increase of 30% in event attendance.


Assistant Manager, May 2012 - July 2014

Created a digital platform by designing a website, recording 12,000 site hits per month and 7 daily inquiries of franchisee interests. Helped to open Okrumong’s flagship store in Los Angeles by creating a modified menu, a corporate identity catered towards the Asian-American market and managing employees and customer relations on site. 

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