Arnold Byun

My name is Arnold and I'm on a journey to find the perfect café latte by visiting a different coffee shop everyday in New York City. And that's where the name comes from: Cafe Per Diem, or in Latin, "by the day" or "each day." The concept is pretty simple. I drink a cup of coffee everyday and record it on my website, whether that's through plain text or through images. The ultimate purpose of my blog is to find not only a good cup of coffee, but to discover hole-in-the-wall cafés and to expose them to a wider audience. Good coffee shops deserve recognition and that's exactly what I'm setting out to do. I'm hoping you will join me in my restless, yet fulfilling adventure in the world of coffee.

I've found, led, & designed the curriculum of Business Preparation Club at Yongsan International School of Seoul with 40 registered members in the span of two years. As an official member and affiliate of FBLA-PBL, a 60 year old non-for-profit business organization that consists of more than 185,000 members in all 50 states and 9 countries, BPC members take part in small group discussions, case studies, simulations, workshops, fundraising events, and compete in business competitions and conferences in South Korea and in the United States.